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Information needs to be imparted. But how to reach as many travel agents as possible? And as fast, up-to-date, simple, measurable and in the true sense of the word: best-price-value?

The principle is as simple as it is effective: hotels, tour operators, airlines, insurance companies and other members of the travel industry provide information with current topics as well as an online checklist at Travel agents receive a notification e-mail, answer the questions online and get an immediate evaluation.

All parties benefit from this: travel industry providers can bring up current information about their products to travel agencies - quick and inexpensive - and the travel agents gain valuable know-how for better service at the point of sale. Travel agents also can win attractive prizes with every checklist they participate in.

Twice a year, travel agents receive a certificate that reveals them as experienced professionals. Participation is free for travel agents.

Premium Check

Promote your premium product with multimedia effects like large-scale images and slides, high-quality videos and decent sounds, enhancing your CI. Travel agents use it as a supporting multimedia presentation - directly at the POS.


e like emotional, e like experienced.

With the e-Roadshow we transfer the concept of a classic roadshow into the internet. Not only educational content will be imparted. Our e-Roadshow impresses travel agents also at an emotional level. Travel agents collect personal impressions and experience product benefits - to get a sense of the USP and to improve sales.

White Label – E-Learning - solution by Check IT


Excellent solution for destinations, airlines, hotels, shipping companies, tour operators and travel agency chains.

How about an own training tool on your own website? Take advantage of our technology and know-how and determine what, when, how and who will be trained. Everything in your look-and-feel.

You determine the design, the content and the duration of the training. The application runs on Check IT servers. Check IT is responsible for processing and evaluations.

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